"I Want Everybody To Raise Their Cell Phones In The Air": The Other Side Of The Wars

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Ed Sheeran said something like that towards the end of his set on Saturday evening at Metlife, and Taylor Swift echoed the sentiments a couple of hours later. Eh? I thought musicians hated cell phones at concerts.

Younger pop singers realize what seems to have gone over the heads of many of their peers: teens with cells are their own personal publicists, keep them in constant view even when there is no reason for them being in view, a visual reminder of their presence in every single social media venue. Dislike cell phone users? They should pay em.

In the cell phone wars there are two factions adamantly against it:

1. Older musicians, you know the 50 somethings and 60 somethings, who are baffled that audiences want to spend the time tweeting pix when they could be one on one… or 5000 on one rather, with them.

2. Hipper than though thirty somethings like hasbeens Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Monsters Of Folk and really anything with Matt Ward in it.

Both of these factions should be grateful for any of us suckers plonking down $150 to see em instead of sassing us and telling us what to do. Taylor can sell out a 55K seater, can the Yeah Yeah Yeahs say that.? Mosquito wasn’t a terrible album, it was OK nothing great, a couple of good tracks, but it stiffed big time and instead of Karen O hectoring those of us who actually bothered to go and see them, she should shut the fuck up and thank us. As for She And Him, anybody who puts on such a crappy live show shouldn’t boss people around at all.

Look: it is really simple. There aren’t enough fans to go around any more, stop pissing off the ones who show up.


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