If You Needed Another Proof Than Metal Comes From The Cold

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Metal is more than a genre, it actually includes many subgenres and it is a world by itself. But whether you are talking about trash metal, black metal, death metal, doom metal, trash metal, progressive metal,… and its endless subcategories, you recognize a good metal riff when you hear one.

A year ago, a website about Language Learning, Science and Art has published a map representing the number of metal bands per 1 million people in European countries. It’s simple, the author Jakub Marian, a Czech linguist and mathematician, has created this map considering the number of entries (active and inactive metal bands) in Encyclopaedia Metallum, and divided this number by the country’s population in millions.

First of all this is astonishing that such an encyclopedia exists, and it may be the proof that metal fans are the most meticulous music fans ever, always eager to document everything, I wish such a thing would exist for every music genre.

Then the map reveals something we already presumed. metal is a Nordic thing, and Finland (630) leads the game by far, followed by Sweden (428), Iceland (341) and Norway 299). Greece is curiously at 162, an exception among its surrounding countries, while Denmark (154), Estonia (138), Netherlands (127), Germany (122) and Austria (124) are slightly above the rest of the other countries. And for comparison, the US number is 72, similar to the UK (68), or France (69).

Now should we find a link between these numbers and the level of happiness of a country? Their average temperature? Their level of wealth? Who knows, it’s just a fact that metal is not a music of sunshine, and for this reason, Greece is an enigma.


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