If You Write A Great Song, Does It Matter If Nobody Hears It?

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I’and been talking to my friend, she is a very good songwriter, and she has been working on an album for a long while, like Justin Timberlake long, and I was pushing her to release it and she has promised to do so but she hasn't’t done it yet. And she could. Her boyfriend owns an indie label and would love to release it. But besides myself, the band, and her boyfriend no one has heard it and I couldn't’t understand why. 

 What she explained to me is something I grasp entirely. She said that once she had a song finished, and she is very detail oriented so she’ll fiddle with a track forever, she is completely finished with it. “When I finished the last album and started the next, I realized I didn't’t need somebody else to hear it for the song to be justified in my own ears.  It existed when it was done and if nobody else heard it or anyone who did was the same for me. I don’t know when that happened to me.


“I think at some time I kept pushing myself to a success or glory and it didn't’t really exist. I just knew that it was over, I would never get any bigger than this and… I am nearly 30, I am not sure I felt it was ALL RIGHT… I CAN LIVE WITH IT.  But can I?


“In college I was in a buncha bands, playing all instruments, indie stuff and  it wasn't’t  going anywhere and then the year I got out I really thought that was it, I’d get a job and forget it but I met my boyfriend and he was serious and he managed me and got his friends to play with me, and  we were getting gigs and I was writing. It felt… I know you don’t know how it feels. It is like falling in love with a new guy and he loves you and you are testing your happiness: you keep on pushing your happiness button and trying to see if it works. Is this how you really feel?


“Have you ever been recognized? That first time is so BIZARRE, it was just, like people who had no reason to know me knew me and something was gonna happen to me and…


“The tour sucked and the album didn't’t make much money, like who can live on 35K a year? It was poverty level stuff. My boyfriend has money so I wasn't’t feeling it, feeling it. But I dreaded doing it all over again and I wrote ore songs, I mean you’ve heard them, you know? Not bad. Good, potential there but they are done now and done and done. They are finished. And I don’t care if no one ever hears them, they’re complete in and as themselves.  I have nothing to add to them, nothing to say.”


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