Iggy Pop Has A Billabong Clothing Line

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Iggy Pop


Iggy Pop barely wears any clothes, but he nevertheless just collaborated with LAB, a division of the famous surf company Billabong, to design a new line of clothes. ‘I don’t have great taste in clothes, so I don’t wear much of them. I usually wake up and stay nude for three or four hours…and when I feel like getting formal, I’ll put on boardshorts…Life is better in boardshorts,’ declared Iggy Pop in a press release. 

LAB has already collaborated with artists, musicians, designers, photographers and the icons of surf – they even have a Warhol line! – but this is a first for the godfather of punk, there is now a full Billabong clothing line, entirely dedicated to the living legend.

It was launched on Monday in the US and it goes worldwide on Tuesday, but of course, we won’t need to go to a retailer since you can shop online at Billabong.com. Does this mean Iggy has sold out? Probably, but he probably couldn’t care less!

And what do you find in this unique and limited collection? Boardshorts of course, but also tees, hoodies, caps and even a pouch for women with plenty of pics of young Iggy and some colors (mostly black) not so fitted for the beach, but the vintage designs are so cool you will probably fall for them if you are a fan like me. There’s even the leopard/Cheetah head, originally featured on what is known as Iggy’s Raw Power leather jacket, although I have always think it was the perfect illustration fo Search and Destroy’s first line: ‘I’m a streetwalking cheetah with a heart full of napalm’. In any case, it’s such an iconic thing, you may want that piece of punk history.


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