Iman and Hel Do SNL: Miguel

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Saturday Night Live is the only show on Earth that can make Vince Vaughn boring.  That guy is top notch but so tonight?  Dudes in a coma and so am I.  Aside from the little Margaret Thatcher tribute the show is a big fat bore and I have no idea how this show stays alive.  The good news is Of Mice and Men are on May 4th, but first I need to get through this crap.

This week they whimper to an end with American singer Miguel.  Generic as a single name can be he has been with Jive Records since 2007, since he is only 26 that's a semi big deal.  The problem is he doesn't have the 'it' factor.  Hes not handsome enough to be a pin up, not talented enough to forge a path and his tune "Adorn" is more annoying than entertaining.  I will say that the song ' Power Trip" in which he  is a FT rather than lead (J Cole is the owner), is better. 

The video for "Adorn" is just as bad, no redemption at all.  But its perfect really.  A limping dead fish of a show just ushering itself out in a sea of mediocrity.  Just the 'bumper' photos of him are pathetic.  I'm really just hopeful he has less than 3 minutes so I can get on with my life.

"Adore" is much better here than in his video that's for sure.  The hair is fun to look at, he reminds me like hes trying to be Prince, maybe?  But I do like the set and I do like his outfit.  Id be happy to hit mute though. And that man hit notes that broke 80% of the glass in my home and gave me a migraine.  Just as I had thought.  

Luckily, we have an R&B guy on board.  Iman is well versed in this genre so his educated opinion means a hell of allot more than my emotional response to what I consider crap. To quote Iman:
"He looks like a modern Little Richard and sings like Prince on valium. This is Miguel's best song and it isn't bad and the man can wear a leather coat but there is something so bland about him. Miguel is such an also ran, he is Frank Ocean without the eccentricity, D'Angelo with out the big guns. This could be worse, and the end is lovely indeed, but I am not a fan.  His falsetto at the end is beautiful."


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