Iman and Hel Do SNL: Of Monsters And Men

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We’re finally in the home stretch.  Seriously, we did pretty good this year covering Saturday Night Lives musical nonsense.  Not much to pant over. Only a few horrible acts and well, I suppose when all is said and done no damage was made.

We have three more bands, tonight of Monsters and Men hipster warblers from Iceland who confuse me every time with of Mice and Men who are bad ass hardcore rockers. Sad revelation really.   I used to confuse The Chieftains with The Pogues too- go figure.

The redemption is that once I get through tonight its pretty stunning stuff to end the season.  The ever sassy Vampire Weekend on May 11, and Kims babydaddy Kanye West on May 18th! Hollah!

But first we have to get through this shit…and shit it is.  The mere torture of looking let alone hearing make me wonder why I bother.  Im simply not cut out for SNL musical guests.  Its always a sad sad thing for me.  Bursting out like hipsters from hell I thought for a moment they were The Lumineers but……….worse.  I want Bjork to show up in a duck dress.  The barking ‘hah’ is annoying the accent is repulsive and honestly… I thought this was a parody act.  Kill me now.  Let me die.   “Little Talks” more like….hit the mute.

Iman, more generous and kind than I will ever be “the chick is like a round young Bjork and the guy like Marcus Mumford on an all Big Mac diet.  The song is catchy enough, the Lumineers go to Iceland, HA!”

Bring on Vampire Weekend.


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