Iman and Hel Do SNL…Returns September 28th, 2013

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things arent getting better















Saturday Night Live was one of greatest shows ever.  Biggest laughs most irreverent content and music to die for.  From The Clash to Jimmy Cliff and anything in between the SNL musical guest had always been a highlight.

Well up until Iman and I started the ‘Do SNL’ weekly column.  Aside from Kanye and a couple others Iman and I have often sat dumbfounded and confused on why we bothered to stay awake.  The weak comedic skits lead to a bland pop star  to a questionable Weekend Update and its been just plain infuriating.  We want the old SNL back, we want underdog performers.  Cutting edge artist!  We want a representation of ‘the other side’.  How about Screaming Females?  How about We Came As Romans!?

Well on September 27th SNL is back.. and SURPRISE!  Not a thing has changed.  Opening this season is Tina Fey (why?!) and the horrid God awful speaker of crap Arcade Fire.  OK, so maybe there was a contractual obligation for  a recycled regular and a shitty band.  It’ll get better right?

No.  Next up on October 5th is Miley Cyrus and her tongue.  Bitch put that thing away you look like a overheated Mastiff.   OK, after that?  It just plain gets worse..Katy Perry and Bruce Willis.  BRUCE WILLIS?

This new SNL season will be just like the past 3 where I pray for the Justin Timberlake guest spot and pray Im at a gig instead of watching it.


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