In Celebration Of David Bowie’s 70th Birthday The “No Plan” EP Released For Streaming

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If you’re a Bowie fan you already bought the Lazarus Soundtrack off Itunes last year, which included the last three songs he ever recorded. I am a fan and I did buy Lazarus and I did admire the three  songs (plus “Lazarus” on some level or the other, but I am happy for you if you didn’t because now you can hear them as a separate EP in celebration of what would have been his 70th birthday.

Yeah, but listening to them today the effect has dissipated somewhat. Last year I thought the four songs were so deeply sad and thrilling, artistic and brilliant and… wow, the ultimate expression of being free.

But, frankly, I am a little tired of hearing Bowie singing about his death. And the songs are a touch too impenetrable for me. I always preferred “Kooks” to “The Bewlay Brothers” -always always pop before art. And as much as I admire the songs, I don’t really enjoy them I can’t find pleasure in Bowie’s pain even as I admire him for sharing his pain in such exquisite detail.

The entire four songs are the definition of a bummer. It is so completely depressing and sad and sad sounding. Like watching that “Lazarus” video -it is so horrible.

Grade: B


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