In Praise of Summer: Seals and Croft "Summer Breeze"

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I have a very distinct image of Summer.  It is nothing like reality.  For some reason and I don't know if its a past life memory or a book I may have read my image is of a rural farm of lush grass and pretty fences, and a breeze.  Once the school year ends my mind instantly clicks into this image that I have never really seen.

I am not a country girl- I freakin hate nature, but for some reason this same visual conjures up every late June.  As a kid there were trips to the beach or the country but this image seems more like Kansas or something- no clue.  So where the hell did this come from ?  I do believe the root cause of this subliminal trigger… Seals and Crofts.

The tune "Summer Breeze" is from 1972, that works out well chronologically.  That would have me in the back seat of the family station wagon en route to somewhere with a picnic basket and shorts set on- I would be approximately 5 years old.  So it is possible that the lyrics of this tune drew this image in my mind that nearly 40 years later are the exact image of summer.    How did i stumble upon this new theory? 

Radio.  Some broad at work had the easy listening station blaring (why?!) and "Summer Breeze" came on.  Now lyrically this has jack to do with my image other than the breeze part.  But it could be the simply harmony and the peaceful sound that may have lulled a hot and sweaty little Helen to sleep in the back of that car.  Funny.. I never stopped to think of the origin of this image. It is what it is and its always been and that's that.

Now as I hear the song (for about the 10th time as I write this) I realize two things:
1- the song is pretty lame.  Soft rock dentist music with a cowbell.
2- I adore it cuz it reminds me of simplicity and innocence of a Hel long gone.

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