In The Groovy: Top Album Tracks 3-9-18 – 3-15-19

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Drippin’ – 03 Greedo -This experimental California rapper has mixed and matched so strange here that the sample sounds like a seperate song running into the opposite direction, as though you are getting two songs at the same time. “How does it feel to be me?” 03 asks, and the answer is a list: “Ecstasy, percocet, kush and the powder. Geekin’, it really don’t matter”

Back From AMarillo – Amy Rigby – Singer songwriter ballad but with an edge that is pure country. In otherwords, a roots without roots.

Cards Right – Jeremih – When Jeremih first arrived a coupla years ago, I liked his voice, soulful stuff, but less sure about his material and over the years rappers overused his. This lead off song from his excellent new EP is a return to form he hadn’t previously had.

BOOM! – Lil Yachty, Ugly God – This isn’t lo fi mumble with a smirk, something Lil Yachty can do well, but new old school baby trap with a heart of stone.

Up Down – Morgan Wallen, Florida Georgia Line – This is how you do it Nashville, first you sell your best songs to top players, then you get your big time break. The EP is Morgan’s new calling card, a strong one, and “Up Down” is country rock 2018 style. PS: don’t let Florida Georgia Line bother you, they don’t ruin the sucker.

Get United – Suicidal Tendencies – I wonder what is wrong with protest, either songs or organizations: it certainly isn’t the 1960s, or even the late 1970s, but this rap rock thrash and burn is a reminder of how it might sound.

It’s All Good – Superorganism – I am not a fan of this pop group collective from the UK, except for the US member, 17 year old lead singer Orono Noguchi, she has a haunting quality about her and can improve any song immensely. Like this one.

See How – Young Fathers – This is a beautiful song that reminds me of Massive ATtack if Massive Attack weren’t Trip-hop, it’s like they took the dub out but kept the disparate elements ti build a better multi-track leveler piece of self-awareness that is almost Catholic in its judgements.


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