Interpol’s New Obsessive Single “Barricade” Review by Alyson Camus

Written by | July 13, 2010 10:26 am | No Comments

Another Interpol’s song has been posted on many blogs, it’s called ‘Barricade’ and its sound will not surprise anyone: the powerful bouncing drum beats and the repetitive high pitch guitar line are there, the monotonous tone is there too, as well as the ascending melody of the song. It seems that Interpol has some obsession with this kind of dark and heavy sound and will pursue it forever, exploring all the possibilities at the risk of being quite redundant.
However you may be able to detect some new intonations that are a little unusual for Interpol, especially on the ‘Keep us away’ part? Is it less contained? Is there more desperation? More sensibility? More whining? This would be a first for Paul Bank.
Overall it is not too different from the previous single ‘Lights’, it’s just a faster song.
‘Barricade’ is the second single from their upcoming self-titled album which will be out on September 7th on Matador.
You can download it on iTunes, or listen to it almost everywhere, like here:

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