Into The Groove: Best Album Tracks 2-2-18 – 2-8-18

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Jealous Buffoon – AWOLNATION – What I admire most about this band is their enormous skills at pure pop, they are like a synth band of the 80s but with real backbone, this is a candy coated piece of self-flogging.

Turn It Up – Bat Fangs – Modern day riot grrrls on an immensely strong slice of pure rock pop plus agro, hot sex song. It reminds me of 90s Sleater Kinney, that same assurance in tone and instincts toward melody.

Time In Joy – Field Music – UK art rockers can get a little long winded but besides the much hated fade-in, this is post-punk art rock as a pop move with crazy rhythms and wobbly vocals.

The Soft Season – Hookworms – You’d think given their name that Hookworms would be the slightest bit catchy, right? Cmon guys, where are they? This is droned out repetitious synth burbed ambience, but yes indeed it does catch you up

Glitter (feat Andre Perkins) – Keys N’ Krates – The album is closer to EDM house production dance vibe this veers near to disco.

Dirty Dawg “Insane” – Skooly – Catchy as hell buy former Rich Kidz hip hopper who comes of age on this trap move with a terrific verse and a terrific chorus.


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