Into The Groove: Best New Album Cuts Reviewed: 1-12-18 – 1-18-18

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1 – Cast The First Stone – Corrosion Of Conformity – It rolls over on its back and then leaps up and rips your lungs out, nothing original there, right? Still, even while it sounds Old testament and then some, it casts about for things to throw at you

2 – Coal Mine – Matt Whipkey – A gorgeous melody and a pure rock sound for a pretty traumatic experience: “ I ain’t waiting on sunshine, whole country’s a coalmine…” makes it a classic of a happy (at least lively song) about a terrible thing.

3 – Giants – Sure Sure – La experimental pop rock tarts are catchy but exceedingly weird.

4 – Selfish – Sylvan LaCue – Modern hip hop, this sounds like rap goes MOR with strings in the background from the 50s and a verse that goes “Momma on my phone like… (Brr Brr), Boy you need to focus on your health, work out proper, eat more veggies, drink more water, tomorrows not promised for yourself”.

5 – We Don’t Care – Borns – This is Bo Diddley beat rockabilly as electronic dream mash up. Maybe the best song Borns has ever done.

6 – Doin’ The Pyre – Loud fast dance moves born to be pogoed.


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