Into The Groove: Best New Album Tracks In Order Of Preference Reviewed 1-26-18- 2-1-18

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1 – Quartz in the Valley – H.C. McEntire – frontwoman of Mount Moriah, gives lesbians a good name on this terrific “Islands In The Sun” rip off, co-written with Kathleen Hanna, and with some of the sweetest and saltiest lines in the business: “dance in the bramble with the morning light, holler across the hall till you hear it right”.

2 – Rise of the Ghostface Killah – Ghostface Killah, Apollo Brown – I hope this ain’t a trend, where my two favorite albums of the week includes my two favorite songs of the week. This is the “murda, murda, kill kill kill” one.

3 – End of the World With You – Calexico – Sweetly melodic classic rockism, with a settled groove and a electric sound at mid-tempo and a nice little instrumental break.

4 – Looking Forward to the Past – Tommy Emmanuel, Rodney Crowell – It was Rodney who a coupla years ago claimed he never knew what to call his music till they came up with “Americana”. Here’s a suggestion, country. This terrific modern old country track is the past master Tommy’s song and it does everything right, including giving the shout out of a lifetime to Conway Twitty.

5 – Notice Me – Migos, Post Malone – A gorgeous brood of a song off an album I still haven’t gotten a handle on.

6 – The Golden Age of Not Even Trying – Dead! – I am not sure if this is that good but I know for sure it deserves to be here if only for the title

7 – Swimming With The Tide – Club 8 – An outlier on the album, a touch above the rest, this is a melodic ambient dirge pattern with strange beauty, haunting harmonies and something Electronic North called “electro-shamanic reverie”.

8 – America – Bekon – A reworking of  “XXX” -a song he produced for U2 and Kendrick,.

9 – Volatile – Machine Head – The album is pretty good metalcore plus, but this is simplest and best

10 – Powder Cocaine (feat. Slug & Catero) – Evidence – This is better than the rest of the album because its chorus is excellent, Evidence performs his best rap, and the backing vocals are ineluctable and never waver.

11 – Applause – Tiny Moving Parts – Jerks you around like a rag doll


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