Into The Groove: New Album Cuts Reviewed: 1-5-18 – 1-12-18

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In 2017 I felt as though I shortchanged songs not released off albums. The more I write the more I feel as though music criticism is mostly a question of organization; it is all lists, new albums, new singles, distilled into other lists so what you end up with is what Robert Christgau, in an act of prescience that bordered on genius, dubbed a consumer guide. All we write is guides as to what to see and what to listen to, and what they sound like. Last year, I dealt exclusively with new albums and new singles, this after once having a list of new songs off albums that reached 600 tracks and more, rendering it, just about, useless. But nothing at all? Last year I skipped “The Story Of OJ,” a huge song for me, because I had nowhere to put it. So now I am starting a new weekly  column called “Into The Groove,” to keep an ear out for album cuts. I won’t grade em, they should all be around the “A” mark or they wouldn’t be here.

Crayon – cupcaKke – “Boy or boy, girl or girl, like who the fuck you like, fuck the world,” the patron saint of sexual intercourse cupcakKe advises on this addictive ode to LGBTQ and feel good at any price that should be stenciled in the mind of everybody. I mean, surely consensual sex is one of our greatest gifts, she thinks so.  and what a hook o prove it.

calm – idealism – an ambient, lo fi, piano tinkled like a supper club gone wrong, rewrite of McCartney’s “My Love”. If you got stuck on an elevator and “calm” was piping through the speakers, it wouldn’t be so bad.[a

Blue – Jessi Mason – This is what Jessi would say to Joni Mitchell if she should ever meet her hero. A deeply empathetic meeting of musical sensibility and not just lyrically, with which it shares Joni’s early 70s hope-less vibe, but vocally which channels that sweet spot where theyr each for the higer ground.

Sweet Disposition Bootleg – The Temper Trap, Youngr – Some five years ago The Temper Trap came out of the same place the national came from, but never broke so big. This song with DJ Youngr is a stunning mix of mood music and fresh beats. A triumph.

USA – Jeff Rosenstock – a superb state of the country snapshot, and the state ain’t good.




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