Into The Groovy: Best Album Tracks 5-11-18 – 5-17-18

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Star Treatment – Arctic Monkeys – I have this nagging feeling I underestimated Arctic Monkeys, Alex is a clever lyricist and when you start an entire album with the legend “I just wanted to be one of the Strokes now look at the mess you made me make,” to an obtuse supper club lounge act sound, you are a step ahead or away from the curve. Also, I really do like his voice.

Dive – Beach House – Apparently, this was initially a single and  I missed it (or forgot it) but along the dreaminess of the excellent new album it emerges as a change of pace, with a scruffy bridge twanged (relatively speaking of course) guitar like disc(h)ord waking the aloneness into something else.

Mighty Sound (Spontaneous) – Bethel Music – The opening of this song sounds like Beach House, a swirl of noise and while the singing is a negative distraction, bethel have never come close to this surged waves of devotion which if you can cut out the words sounds like a true form of transcendence and sublimity.

It Is Silly – Boys – a third shoegazy wall of sound thing ful of roll and tuck dreamscape… I tried to friend her on Facebook but she ignored me. The last person to do that was Viv of the Slits so she’s in good company…

Slow It Down – Charlie Puth – This is a blue eyed soul disco looking good on the dancefloor song, as Charlie is stressed by some new talent nd playing hard to get, though the (heart) beat belies the sentiment.

Dolo – Chief Keef – he’s rolling DOLO (aka by himself) nd this song is an opening album bad news as the Drill master gets stoned alone, a strong, catchy autotuned out of its mind

Poke It Out (with Nicki Minaj) – Playboi Carti – If the joy of Playboy Carti is how he’ll take a bar and repeat it till it is lodged indiscriminately in the deepest recesses of your brain. It is so addictive that Nicki can only switch up the same concept… fortunately we all win…



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