Into The Groovy: Best Album Tracks 6-15-18 – 6-21-18

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Boing Boing (feat. The Seige) – Cheat Codes, The Seige – When EDM house bands perform crossover and when they are really good, they less drop the bass and more add very fresh beats to a strong flow through bar after bar of a rapper… like this…

Sick Of Sittin’ – Christina Aguilera – One of the three best tracks on Liberation, once you hear that Anderson. Paak produced it you can’t stop hearing that Anderson. Paak produced it and it gives the entire song a hardcore stupid fresh beats vibe, Christina claimed that Janis Joplin was the vocal inspiration and while I would never claim Aguilera had Joplin’s voice, the bluesy edge here on the get up and do something song is unmistakable.

What’s Up With That (Future feat. 21 Savage) – Future, 21 Savage – I wasn’t crazy about Future’s Superfly soundtrack album, this one is also a little obvious but I love the 21 Savage jumps in on the second verse, and between the two they travel back to the difficulties of their youth. 21 Savage could rap “Do Re Mi” and it would sound threatening.

On Her Own – Gene Clark – From the 8 track demo sent to labels when Clark went solo, this is as stunning a Clark song as you will ever hear, a complete heartbreaker and he sings it with an ache that Taylor Goldsmith has never come close to. A jewel of a song.

Missouri – Howlin Rain – First rate, strident, clanging guitar rocker, the sort they don’t make now though they made it now.

Reborn – Kids See Ghosts – This is the answer to all four of Kanye’s albums, held together by Benny Blanco’s powerful pop instincts, Kanye only gets a verse but it is a good one, and Kid really comes into his own as he battles through depression and drugs to sing “Shine a light on me” like Mick Jagger in bondage to his past and breaking through to his future.

So Sorry – Pitbull – Between the zero rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the casual indifference of the entire world, “Gotti” is a joke, so at least Pitbull’s terrific song here makes there something left to care about… the gypsy violins are a pleasant surprise.

I’m Grateful – Fred Hammond – This should handle your Gospel 2018 problems and quickly, beautifully sung with swing out horns and a chorus that hooks you in hard… I saw God.


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