Into The Groovy: Best New Album Tracks 2-23-18 – 03-1-18

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Gummo – Remix – 6ixNine, Off Set – 6ixNine is a legend in his own mind, a badass rapper from Bushwick trading on his Lil Peep-y face tattoos and he sounds like a wounded murderer on the run while, meanwhile, Offset is cool as fuck and elder statesman like. Time moves fast nowadays…

Bikini – Caroline Rose – In which Caroline finds how to succeed in show business with an offer: put on this little bikini and dance dance dance –

Tra – Bad Gyal, Dubbed Dutch – That snare drum is all trap on this world music via Catalonia modern rhythms breakthrough pop stylings from the   youngster

I Can’t Breath – Bea Miller – Another woman who is being sold on putting on that little bikini on this pop ballad.

Orion – Darlingside – Americana branded dystopia with harmonies and soundscapes.

When Your Lonely Heart Breaks – Her Mommy died last month but enough of the backstory, this is sad sounding beats under Americana whining to good effect.

Rose Petals – S. Carey – Mood music for insomniac suicides.

Loudest MF – Yellow Claw, Bok Nero – The top of four excellent songs with beats that sound like nothing else remotely out there, it is a DJ duo who should wipe the vocal and ask E=MC2 to rap all over this sucker, a terrific and addictive monster of a track.



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