Into The Groovy: Best New Album Tracks 3-2-18-3-8-18

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The Opener – Camp Cope – AUstralian indie band that over an album has a similar problem as a number of people on this playlist: they singy talky almost side to the tune in an intimate but boring manner. That means that four songs in and that’s enough. But those four songs, or, at least, this brutal put down of men, managers, indie hectoring of women, nasty contemplation of rage against the machine: “Tell me again how my success how has nothing to do with me”. By the end it holds its anger close to its chest before slamming it hard above a great, really great, lick. This is one of my favorite songs of the year.

Still Clean – Soccer Mommy – She gets dumped and it becomes as big as the seasons, as changeable as the weather

Night Shift – Lucy Dacus – Julien Baker’s friend and it shows, all very downbeat stuff and it can get a bit much when you’re not looking, but this queer identifiable, identifies the fault lines in a break up. She has one of the better vices but still, I am not sure why she doesn’t push it all a little harder. This song doesn’t let loose till the last minute, but then it becomes a fuzzed out and loud classic dedicated to new lovers and redeems itself.

Worth It – Haley Heynderickxx – Fourth song that is simply better than the ones that surround it or at least, the others are just so much more of the sameyness, here the way she digs down in the second line of each song, than reverses itself with a folkie capture into the rapture. A lovely lick she could have used less sparingly, she holds it close till the wordless chorus.

I Wish The Wars Were Over – Joan Baez – A reworking of a traditional song, it brings Joan Baez full circle to her earliest folk and protest roots with nothing changed but a lot of great songs to cherish, including this one where she is at ground zero and the sound basks in its hopes that never seem based upon anything but wishful thinking.

48 Floors (Mansa) – Tory Lanez – He overdoes nothing on this song, the slightest echoe a touch of autotune,  heartbeat beat, wraith doors on the rolls, and good sex but no dinner…t



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