Into The Groovy: Best New Album Tracks 4-13-19 – 4-19-18

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Situation Changes – A Place To Bury Strangers – The album is good, this song is a haunting nightmarescape with two voices in an echo chamber of delirious post-Goth mind meld sound breakdowns

Boyz II Men (feat. Nitty Scott) – Blu – Blu goes from a great hook on the word “boy” to a great hook on the word “son” with another rap in the middle on this addictive pop rap classic

Pirates – Brazilian Girl – A song about being together and not sleeping together with a terrific bass hook just below the track and a guitar lick a little closer to the top

Headlock (feat. KILLY) – Carnage – The UK DJ seems completely wrong for this genre, basically pop rap with a stronger beat than we’re used to but Killy has an on point verse with a Jamaican accent to it, and it seems to exist outside of where it’s born.

Drowns The Whiskey (feat. Miranda Lambert) – Jason Aldean – A terrible album, which I just called the worst of the week, has one moment so great it makes you wonder why he doesn’t pull it off more often. Miranda helps.

Once Upon a Time – (feat. Cam’ron) – Jim Jones – The album ain’t bad but this song is much more Cam’ron than Jones or even Dipset, and that backing track could come off just about any Cam’ron album, including Sex, Drugs, Entertainment.

I Honestly Love You – Juliana Hatfield – Sure, it doesn’t have the strings and mush you might wanna hear, the 70s MOR vibe. But it does have sincerity and a straight forward intensity. The coda is killer.

Who’s Cursing Us Now? – L.A. Salami – This has a great riff and a great rhythmic hook so everywhere you leave your ear you are caught up in the song.

The Lookout – Laura Viers – A love song for her husband and very sweet indeed.

A 300 Year Old Slit Throat – Wrekmeister Harmonies – A drone nightmare of unabashed horror.




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