Into The Groovy: Best New Album Tracks 7-20-19 – 7-26-18

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Room 223 – Adolescents – The top of the tier hardcore, punk rock, So Cal original, nearly 40 years in the trenches  Adolescent latest album is really good, and this two vocal give and take attack, and I mean attack, is hard and serious. In “Room 223” the schoolkids are in hiding while the lone gunman roams the hall.

I Got You – Amy Shark – The Sia opening act performs a nursery rhyme song about the  pain of abstinence “If we don’t do this today there goes a day, another a moment that could have been ours” -very pleasant,

Original – Arcangel, Bad Bunny – Somewhere between reggaetón and trap, this is a strong but ugly song that rattles you… I wonder what the superstars are singing about.

Black (feat. A$AP Ferg) – Buddy, A$AP Ferg – Not crazy about the album except this song with one of the great and simple hooks: “Black, Black, black, black,Black on black, black”… precisely

Mi Paloma – Calibre 50 – It’s like being in a cantina south of the border down Mexico way, yet,as often happens with Calibre 50, the accordion player runs the show

Remember Us Better Than We Are – Birds in Row – I can’t help but feel that hardcore (like emo) songs seldom live up to their name, this one doesn’t it but it will ruin you anyway

Like Patsy Would – Lori McKenna – I was just a touch disappointed in the album, I thought it was the best of the year and it wasn’t, gppd not great: her tunes let her down in ways his words never do. This song, about writing songs, is very clever indeed and very writerly as well.

The Death Of Me – Meg Myers – “If you’re looking for a deeper love, jump down inside, there’s nowhere to run and there’s nowhere for you to hide’ and yes another writerly song, the electronic background makes it sadder than the lyrics do

Silence – Popcaan – Dancehall Rastaman, he can write a song and the album is overwhelming with them, this is a lo down sweetheart reggae quiet before the storm.

Still Run (feat. Starchild & The New Romantic) – Wet, Starchild & The New Romantic – Weakly strong, sad poptone

Poptones – BBC John Peel Session – Public Image Ltd. _ Speaking of which, I saw PiL around the time of The Metal Box and it remains one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. This version is very fortunate to not get run out out of town by the original… and no it doesn’t, it is actually remarkable that they zoom off from so close. The song is completely devastating, someone is raped and murdered in a forest and left there as a cassette recorder plays a pop song of the day.


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