Into The Groovy: Best New Album Tracks 7-6-18 – 7-12-18

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Wifi Lite – Future And Zaytoven – Zaytoven produced it and handles the hook with ease, Future is a big time asshole who here moves from Atlanta to Los Angeles, worries about getting a new drug connection, and tells a young woman named Shamartess Monique Whitsett he will give her $5,500 if she visits him in LA and when she does, but refuses top sleep with him, refuses to pay her… then brags about it… Fortunately for Future, the song is killer.

Scenes from a Dream – Harold O’Neal – The New York pianist performs piano pieces that seem to be classical but aren’t, he doesn’t sound  like jazz either, it is hazy, warm and spacial.  and it helps you drift but not in an ambient way. He doesn’t thump, his sound is smooth and his performance is effortlessly dexterous.

Rebel Red – HUNNY – The Florida indie rockers and Brand New fans lack Brand News depth but they make up for it with this glorious misplaced desire track: “I turn around to kiss you then I wake up and I miss you, I need to sleep to do it over again,” and its desire for something he can’t is nearly deflating of the ego that stands as a complete opposite to Future (it is also a better song)

Millidelphia (feat. Swizz Beatz) – Meek Mill, Swizz Beatz – It’s been years since Meek was Nicki Minaj’s arm candy and getting dissed by Drake, here is out of prison and here if nowhere else he stakes his claim to being more than the catspaw of a terrible judge who should be removed from his position. Catchier than hell:

Who love the streets? Meek, Meek
Who dropping heat? Meek, Meek
Who locked the city up, pull up in that Bentley truck
Rest of them motherfuckers see? Meek
Who dropping shit through the worst? Meek
Who really dropping that fire? Meek
Back on the water, they listen when I speak
Who got the key to the streets? Meek

On My Love – We The Kings – The guitar intro is world class and song is so sweet and melodic it is a band in full control of its environment, incidentally this was the first single but I know it is as album track…


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