Into The Groovy: Best New Album Tracks reviewed 7-27-18 – 8-2-18

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Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder – All Saints – The harmonies ring true and the mood is chill r&b but 90s inspired not10s, the horns are smoothing you into the vocals, and the mood might not be entirely paranoid but there is an “Irreplaceable” though without the anger (or the explanation).

Just Wonderin – Caamp – On the face of it, Caamp are yet another folk veering into Americana type deal, but here they let loose on a sweet swinger of a song, it strums easy but energetically and the tune is catchy, the Mid-Western boys ring that banjo fine and the vocal is fast and flows through this one long pick up line, the coda is a delight for children of all ages.

Ends Of The Earth – Kenny Chesney – Kenny is so fucking weird, as a man who hides in plain sight he is a cipher. This song is more Americana than country, and easily the best song, and the most morose song, on album detailing the tristesse of the Virgin Islands -this song is one long, sad sigh.

Whatthegirlmuthafuckinwannadoo – The Coup, Janelle Monae – The second best song of the year features the singer of the best song of the year, Janelle, and Boots Reilly manages to update Prince not sonically, but thematically, in the year of the woman who puts the spotlight hard on the way women can be abused, their dreams fucked with… and it still sounds sexy and glorious, really prime, Sign O’ prince stuff…

The Only Law – Thou – Thou are very impressive sludge metal and this stands out for two reasons 1 -it is short and 2- though Thou always have this, their lead vocalist has a unique bowels of howl voice where you can actually hear what’s bothering him.

Touch The Floor – VanJess, Masago – This is 80s style girl group en vogueing sex jamz coolness, it is out of time but in a good way

Fake You – Yoke Lore – Mood pop ambience cool beats, it reminds me of a Shawn Mendes but not musically, more in a sort of cool boy crossover way, Yore is the sort of guy taylor Swift would like -indeed, she does like, she put him on her Spotify playlist.




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