Into The Groovy: Best New Tracks 5-18-18 – 5-24-18

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Fake Love – BTS – The K-Pop crossover boy band adds English to Koran on this r&b electroic mix and match of more power than you can imagine. This is not what you expect, it is a fully formed pop move that should hit the girls in the US hard

Changing Lanes – Kevin Gates – The terrific Louisiana rapper who adds the sound of heartaches to gangsta, has his first release after being released and this wise beyond its years look at growing up clever enough to know when to change lnes in your life,  was worth the wait.

Pink Lemonade – James Bay – I have it as an album cut but apparently it was also the second single. I have no idea why this hot as hell slab of glam disco didn’t break disco, it is a sweet and sexy romp and makes Bay an instantaneous pop star,

Babies (feat Alessia Cara)  – KYLE –  This is as strong a song as you will hear all year, a beautiful soul trak with Alessia sounding heavuily and KYLE finding the exact place where hip hop vocals circle rap and soul.

Yes Indeed – Lil Baby, Drake – I wish they had handed the whole song to Drake, who raps the first verse and nobody can get it back on track.

Hard To Handle – Otis Redding – Taken just a beat slower than the version we know but that means he gets every syllable right on the money and his rasp is dirty and clean at the same time; what a loss.

Violence – Parquet Courts – This ain’t even the best song on the album, but it has a Salford Mobs goes to New York that is thrilling.


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