Into The Groovy: Top Album Tracks 4-20-18 – 4-26-18

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My Soul I – Anna Leone – The goth-y Swedish singer  adds an element of rebirth on this lovely,  brooding song about being broken and finding a way back, it has a sad undertow but it works very well

The Doomed – A Perfect Circle – I hate  this band if only on principal  but this is a good song from a good album, it has a marshall feel to an emo sound and it works for me.

Quel Domage – Francois Hardy – Hardy is a great French singer, who was stunning in her youth and is somewhat stunning after her youth. This sounds very French and very hardy, the arrangement capsules piano and horns as well as guitar and she has a despondent

ATM – J. Cole –  “count em up, count it” Cole advises on the best song on the newbie, definitely a grower and an addictive hook about being Addicted To Money.

We Set Fire – Pennywise – A spitted hard stroke punk  rocker of immense power… these guys are always great and I am just sorry it took em so long to release some new stuff

Normal – Sasha Sloan – The entire EP, the whole six songs, are terrific. Sasha has already proven she can write songs, but this isn’t EDM pop, this is superior modern day singer songwriter tropes.

The Last Time – The Longshot – Billie Joe Armstrong’s new band is a terrific power pop conglom with a 60s jones and this is so catchy it is ridiculous.

Letter To The Editor – Thievery Corporation – The entire album is good, but this is better, Racquel Jones’s is a great rapper and after Cole this is the best rap of the week…


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