Into The Groovy: Top Album Tracks 4-6-8 – 4-12-18

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Mind on Fire – Aisha Badru – This is a gorgeous song with a wondrous hook (the hoo hahas between each word) and a vocal that’s like a bird eating seed out of your hand

He’s Funny That Way – Bob Dylan – Bod Dylan sings the American standard with the same passion and skillfulness he has brought to all his covers, and the switch of gender distracts not an iota.

Best Life (feat. Chance The Rapper) – Cardi B – Chance’s best verse since Pedro is also Cardi’s best song, well, since her last one. This is Cardi goes Gospel and pops it smart smart smart.

Car Park – Fenne Lily – Fenne is very slow in making her point but she gets there eventually on this narcoleptic folk pop song.

Vacation (feat. Joey Bada$$) – Flatbush Zombies – The album isn’t thrilling, but this has a sing song and swing huskiness and the ghost of dance hall on it.

Soberland – Hinds – Barcelona’s finest pop rock outfit have come up with a pretty melody and excellent three point harmonies with a strummy guitar leading the way.

Miami (feat. BIA) – Kali Uchis – A major recording by Kali with one of the best verses you’ll hear in a week heavy with featured rapper, reality star BIA.

Take Your Records Home – Mipso – Off an album I dislike, this is a masterful break up song with a reverberating in the back of your mind image for the end of the affair, It is a haunting thought and they repeat it till it sinks in further than you might actually want it to.

Money Maker – Rick Ross – Sure, I love his voice, and this has a nagging smart sting to it, but cmon Ross -the only kilos I wanna hear about are your weight.

LOGOUT – Saba, Chance The Rapper – I hear the appeal for sure, and this is the way to do it if you wanna rap about social media. I am not a huge fan of Saba but this pays off nicely.

It Runs Through Me – Tom Misch, De La Soul – I don’t much like this blue eyed soul but De La Soul gives it a really chill jazz vibe that is just better than what he usually does.


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