Irontom To Release Debut Album In May. Listen To A Few Singles

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Irontom at It’s A School Night in 2016


I first saw Irontom years ago, during one of these Monday residencies at the Satellite, and I was immediately stunned by their swagger and the way they conducted an arena show in such a small place. I remember making comparison to Muse and Led Zeppelin, with a bombast that burst the roof with the help of singer’s Harry Hayes melodramatic tone and operatic howls. It was during the summer of 2012, and since that time, I have seen the young band a few more times, they have released two EPs and a few singles, but they are now ready for ‘Partners’, their debut album produced by AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno, which should be out on May 5th.

Irontom has been releasing a few songs, one per week, and after ‘Brain Go‘, a much more poppier song that their usual bold rocking sound (although only a tiny bit was posted), and ‘Hookers’, another very radio-friendly tune with a giant chorus inviting to a sing along about street life as its title reveals, they posted ‘Be Bold Like Elijah’ via Buzzbandsla yesterday. The result is a stomping hard-hitting track with Irontom’s typical aggressive and ferocious guitar riffs. It sounds a bit like something from Queens of the Stone Age, with younger vocals? and this should not be that surprising since the band used to be produced by Alain Johannes. It’s a ravaging track, marching to victory with several levels of sonic bliss and heavy riffs all track-long… And you will have to visit Buzzbandla to listen to the song

The band, which consists of Harry Hayes, guitarist Zach Irons (son of former Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons) bassist Dane Sandborg, keyboardist Daniel Saslow and drummer Dylan Williams, will tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers during the entire month of May.


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