Is Cannabis The Future Of Music Festivals?

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Bands don’t make money anymore, music doesn’t sell, artists have to sell merchandize, t-shirts, mugs and posters to make ends meet, this is what you read everywhere. So why not going into a market in demand? I am talking about weed.

Portugal. The Man, a Portland-based band which used to make cool indie songs before they turned into the KROQ commercial circuit, has now opted for a new type of promotion. They have teamed up with Oregon Cannabis grower Hifi Farms to release ‘Feel It Still’, their own custom, packaged, and pre-rolled cannabis blend. Of course ‘Feel It Still’ is also the title of their last single/video, a cut from their forthcoming album ‘Woodstock’. The special cannabis blend became available on cannabis day, April 20th, at all Serra Cannabis and Electric Lettuce recreational dispensaries.

‘We partnered with Hifi Farms because they’re one of the best growers in Oregon and it’s especially important right now to raise awareness for reasonable drug laws,’ explained bassist Zach Carothers to Altpress. ‘Also, smoking weed while listening to music is awesome.’

According to Pitchfork, Icelandic band Sigur Ros recently teamed up with cannabis company Lord Jones to make medicated gumdrops ‘Wild Sigurberry’ edibles, inspired by the flavors of Icelandic berries, available to qualified medical marijuana patients at select California dispensaries, as well as through the company’s website for delivery, The company founder couldn’t have been happier: ‘For us, it really is a dream come true to collaborate with Sigur Rós. Their music has been more than an inspiration to us over the years.”

Of course, we all know that Willie Nelson has launched his own Cannabis business, Willie’s Reserve,… music with cannabis is an old story, it’s just that these days, it has become more fully exposed. And I keep seeing ads for music festivals like this one in Washington D.C., The 2nd Annual National Cannabis Festival, featuring Talib Kweli and The Pharcyde, or this Northwest 420 Fest, featuring many bands I have never heard of, but who cares when you are stoned?

It’s interesting that all this is happening when Coachella is officially saying no to drugs and Cannabis. According to Forbes, the organizers didn’t want their festival to be associated with weed, whereas we all know that weed is the number one occupation for most people at Coachella. Santa Barbara-based Cannabis business Lowell Herb Co. wanted to release a Coachella blend, but this didn’t go well with the organizers, who sent a cease and desist letter…

Never mind, a few days ago the LA Times was reporting that despite Coachella’s efforts to dissociate from the weed business, cannabis brands are using the festival to sell and cash in. If you are at the festival, have a closer look at all these flower crowns that girls are wearing!

And the festival is surrounded by ‘oasis’, weed oasis to be exact, ready to take advantage of the convergence of 100,000 festival-goers. There are spas, canna-spas, and plenty of culinary experiences with Cannabis,… And Lord Jones, yes the brand that teamed up with Sigur Ros, is one of the several cannabis brands that will be gifting product to celebrities and trend-makers around the festival! The list doesn’t end, Coachella is the ultimate rendez-vous for stoned fashionistas!

I don’t think we will have to wait too long before a big music festival fully endorses cannabis, when major artists like Sigur Ros and Portugal. The Man are already using marijuana for promotion.

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