Is Everyone Really Comparing Harry Styles To David Bowie?

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Can you believe all these Bowie comparisons? One Direction’s Harry Styles is going solo and has released a new single ‘Sign of the Times’, and every review I read is mentioning David Bowie, while many of them can’t stop the name dropping, adding an occasional Oasis, Pink Floyd, or even Queen comparison. ‘Harry Styles’ New Single Is 50 Years of British Rock History In One Song’, writes Billboard.

It’s easy to hear why, it is a sweeping song, a sad and slow piano ballad with big vocals which swell in a bombastic falsetto over an emotional drama of chords in a sonic ascension… It is a power ballad, with something obviously borrowed from the Starman songbook. I somehow get the Bowie-esque vibe, and I didn’t expect something like this coming from a One Direction boy, but come on… Bowie?

First, this song is not rock and roll at all, it’s pure pop, there’s nothing wrong with this, but there’s also nothing groundbreaking about it. Let’s see, the style has been done before about a million times, and the music has clearly been studied and concocted in a studio by many people – I am just curious to know how many people are gonna been credited for the song – in order to sound like… fill the blank,… to sound like something from the 70s, to sound like some famous people’s style?

Second, the lyrics suck:

‘Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times
/Welcome to the final show
/Hope you’re wearing your best clothes
/You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky/You look pretty good down here
/But you ain’t really good’

It’s so vague, so uninspired it could fit to any of your feelings, it reads like an astrology sign entry, you always feel the comment could apply to you once you have checked your sign, but then you read the entry for the next sign and you realize it is bullshit,… of course. And the rest of the lyrics are not better.

Lastly, I have listening to it three or four times, and I still can’t remember the melody,… for something so carefully engineered, it is not even very catchy. So why am I writing about it, you are gonna say,… Why am I writing about this song? Just for the pleasure to bash Harry Styles and piss off his millions of fans? One thing is sure, they are all gonna love the song, this is actually as predictable as the soaring overproduced ending of this song.

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2 Responses to “Is Everyone Really Comparing Harry Styles To David Bowie?”

  1. Karen Jones

    Completely agree with this article – how can anyone compare Harry Styles to Bowie???? Nothing innovative about his single, nothing innovative about Harry Styles!


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