Is It Really A War Between Adele and Taylor Swift?

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Taylor and Adele


Adele is now bigger than Taylor Swift, can you believe this? At least this is what everyone concludes because her music video for ‘Hello’, her first single in three years, almost broke Vevo and received the record for most single-day views, with 27.7 million views, whereas ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift had only, yes only, 20.1 million. What does it mean?

It’s strange because both women are about the same age and still, we don’t perceive them the same way at all. And it’s quite fascinating and explainable at the same time, Adele sings alone, Taylor has a squad, Adele looks mature, she is married with a child, Taylor looks like a teenager, always talking about her series of boyfriends. The first one acts as she were 30, the other ones behaves as if she were 17, when they are respectively 27 and 25… not a big difference. And you can’t imagine more different videos than the ones for ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Hello’, Adele drinks tea in a quiet black and white movie, cries on the phone and screams her heart out in the forest, while Taylor makes the planet explode with a million of costume changes and special effects..

I have never seen Adele or Taylor in concert, I don’t care for any of their respective music, but Adele is a real singer, whereas you can’t say the same of Taylor, I will not mention which one is a real songwriter because I suppose none of two really write their own songs, and who knows which one of the two gets more help?

Regarding concert, I don’t see Adele doing the kind of tour Taylor Swift is doing, that’s probably the biggest difference between the two, Taylor made tons of money with her last 1989 world tour, more than $130 million, and I could not find any big number for Adele, I guess she is far from making the kind of money Swift is making. So what’s the deal with these two superstars? I don’t even know why people compare their ‘scores’ on Youtube, because, despite the proximity of their ages, I don’t even think they have the same audience… why do people already come with tout titles such as ‘Move over Taylor, here is Adele’? Or ‘Adele dethroned Taylor Swift’ Why is this super star pop world always seen in term of competition? I don’t like Adele’s music but I may like her personality and I even think she doesn’t care that much for concurrence and competition… Someone even dared to write Taylor Swift hates Adele now?’ Did you ask her ? Why people are always ready for a cat fight especially when it concerns women? Taylor Swift is probably the most competitive of the two, but why encouraging this stupid game? Why do the media want to sell us a Taylor-Adele war? It’s just the nature of the business now, pop stars are just big money making machines and their value is measured at the rating of each of their release on Youtube.

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