Is Justin Bieber The Next Celebrity Kid To Crack?

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Look fame is fab but it’s also brutal.  I should know. I mean the haters alone…

In all sincerity it’s an amazing amount of pressure and this is nothing new.  As far back as celebrity has allowed kids have cracked under fame.

Now Justin Bieber cant peek his head out of window without causing a riot.  How is that living?  Adoring fans, and  people at his beck and call, you’d love that life right?

For awhile perhaps, but when you have everything you want…..what more could you want?


At 19 years old Justin has been photographed smoking weed, showed up 2 hours late for a concert (did you see the kids flipping out!?) and claimed his last birthday was ‘the worse ever’.  Say what?

His management has now intervened after reports of the kid ‘partying hard’

Apparently Justin's record label executives found it necessary to host an intervention on the star. 
'Being amidst a barrage of abuse is uncharted territory for Justin. Understandably he is finding it hard to take,' a source told British newspaper The Mirror. 

"He is a huge cash cow for the label and of course they're desperate to keep both him and the fans sweet.
'His erratic behavior and antics are not what his impressionable young fans expect of him.
'After an emergency meeting in the US, Justin's people had him on Skype to bosses and he was given a serious talking-to.'


A 19 year old ‘cash cow’. That has to be the saddest thing I have ever read.  No longer even human he is a commodity.  If I were him I would jump off the wagon right now, screw the career he’s financially set for life. He needs to go live now.     He may be a rocknyc loser of the week but he is also a kid who has been swept up in fame and will end up bald and swinging an umbrella ala Brittany or dead in a hotel ala everyone else. 


We will always chew up and spit out our idols.  This is Biebers prompt to hang up the heart shaped hands and take a long break back to reality.

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