Is Morrissey Stealing Shirt Ideas From Fans?

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the Moz’s new shirt

Haha Morrissey, always funny and a propos! You are probably laughing at the picture printed on this new t-shirt and offered at the merchandize table of his concerts, but a fan, who goes by the name of MorrisseyGang on the Moz forum, is really not laughing. A little while ago, he was contacted by Sean Preston from Merchandising for life (Mporium) regarding a picture he had made. MorrisseyGang had spent some time (he says a long time) making a funny collage of Morrissey covering the queen’s mouth, he had posted it on, and the company was asking him if he would be willing to let them use it for a new shirt,… they even asked him for an offer. ‘I wasn’t thinking anything ridiculous,’ he wrote, ‘but he never got back to me. Instead I see they took my idea, almost exactly except for the background, and put it on a shirt.’

So should the guy feel honored that the Moz used his work or pissed off that he was robbed? Well he is both, as he explained: ‘I don’t know what to make out of this. Part of me is happy that it’s out there this way, but another part is angry that they reach out to me in the beginning for my idea… I respond, and then they steal it.’

Okay, just to be clear and fair, he didn’t make exactly the same picture, he made this picture with a different queen and the rest of the royals around Morrissey, but you get it, they basically stole his idea. The problem is that the original work was photoshopped using two other pictures (the picture of naked Morrissey probably owned by the Moz himself, and the picture of the royal family) and MorrisseyGang obviously used them without permission, so what could he possibly do legally speaking? Probably nothing!

I doubt Morrissey is really behind this – who knows? – but I wonder how many artist’s designer teams are browsing fan forums to steal ideas… The fact they asked him for a permission and never got back to him is very uncool, but we are once again dealing with the question of copyrights on the internet. Copyrights are disappearing slowly and you are very naïve if you think you still own something you have posted on the web, especially something of this nature… Look at what happened to music? May be MorrisseyGang can ask for a free shirt.


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