Is The FYF Fest Happening This Year?

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Will the FYF Fest be happening this year… or not? That’s the question Los Angelinos are asking. After it was revealed that Sean Carlson had a few skeletons in his closet, following a series of sexual harassment and assault allegations by several women, Goldenvoice announced it was ending its relationship with the FYF fest founder. Since that time, we haven’t heard anything about the fate of the FYF fest.

Will it be happening anyway? A lot of people are speculating over the internet, since you have to know that FYF fest was Carlson’s baby, he had nursed it for more than a decade, was booking bands based on his personal tastes, and was running the FYF Fest game from start to finish,

Now that everyone knows he is a sex predator who managed to hide his act for a long time, while preying on young female interns, nobody wants to be associated with this guy. He is dead for the business, but did his fest die with him?

There are several possibilities, as some people are affirming, Goldenvoice is trying to buy the FYF brand and will run the festival without Carlson, or they don’t want to have anything to do with the FYf brand, because it is forever associated with a sex predator

Curiously, there is still this show announced by FYF presents ‘Ben UFO, Gerd Janson & Mozhgan’, but the show seemed to have been forgotten with no venue or ticket for sale, when it is just a month away. So I would not bet on it.

There was also some activity on the FYF fest Facebook page last October, but since the sex sandal, nothing was posted, not even a tease to announce a 2018 lineup. Last year, they announced it in March, but several pre-announcement teases had made people speculate months ahead. As for the official website, it is stuck with the 2017 line up, without any update.,

The FYF fest had something going on for years, with a lot of fans and followers, it would be a missed opportunity (for Goldenvoice) if the fest was not happening this year. That’s why I think the FYF Fest will be happening,… do you want another proof? Exposition Park has a Special Park-Wide Event’ booked for July 20-22, which correspond to last year’s dates and a web cache of this site announces FYF fest 2018 ‘Our Demo’, with a demography study. I guess we will know for sure in a month.


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