Is There A Bad Epidemic Of Young Blood-Old Blood Stage Duos?

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Swift & Jagger


A few months ago, we got that pointless Paul McCartney’s collaboration with Kanye West and Rihanna, then, over the weekend, 72-year-old Mick Jagger showed up on stage with young Taylor Swift to sing ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’…Do you see a trend? And it didn’t stop there, Dave Grohl brought Jewel on stage to cover (disastrously) Led Zeppelin’s iconic tune, ‘Whole Lotta Love’ on Friday. Jewel is certainly not Swift (What happened to her career anyway?) but Grohl had also Swift’s best friends, the Haim sisters, as special guests a while ago. Oh and this is certainly a curse or an epidemic since Full House’s John Stamos also joined the Beach Boys at the LA Country fair last week. This one is really odd because Stamos is not that young and famous anymore and not a real musician. Why would the legendary Beach Boys need the help of some TV series comedian of the 90’s?… You have to wonder who really needs a career boost in this case.  And let’s not forget about Keith Richards’ endless praise for Ed Sheeran’s blank work.

What’s going on there? Why suddenly so much young blood with old guys? True, Grohl is not that old, and Stamos not that young, but the duo Jagger-Swift singing about sex is rather disturbing. Is there an urgent need for septuagenarians to stay relevant for the young generation? I have a hard time to believe for a minute that Jagger enjoyed doing that dance.

Age softens the brain of all these people, and we have to ask the question” Would McCartney and Jagger have done this same thing 20 years ago? They are music giants and have absolutely nothing to prove anymore, so what are they thinking? Whatever it is a late-life crisis or some desperate move, sometimes we have to reach the sad conclusion: may be it is a good thing some of these 60’s icons died when they were young otherwise, who knows, may be we would get a Jimi Hendrix-Gary Clark Jr. tour? a John Lennon-Miley Cyrus duo – I know Wayne Coyne has already taken over that one – and who would sing on stage with Jim Morrison? Janis Joplin? That’s terribly scary to even think about it.

This trend has to stop and if you want to totally ruin your day, just listen to Jewel singing Led Zeppelin with the Foo Fighters below:


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