ITunes Radio Is Hear: Tell Pandora Their 15 Minutes Are Up

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ITunes enter the game









A friend of mine plays the stock market and bought Apple years ago and has remained faithful all along. he was watching the stocks on June 10th waiting for a massive jump up and the stock went down. Which makes no sense since the birth of IRadio is a new billion dollar idea for Apple if not for their streaming competitors.

This is just Pandora really with ad sponsored radio streaming and also a premium service.

Been there, done that. But what ITunes has is millions upon millions of users ready and able to use the service and also the ability to use the songs you’ve already bought in order to choose radio programing for your own taste. as well as the usual pick and choose stuff.

How big is this? a service really integrated with your Iphone? You can even make requests using Siri. it feels huge and it looks great and they don’t need to steal their competitors business to bury them deep: all they need is their user base to embrace them and they have a hot that will dwarf  every streaming radio service instantly. the numbers are mind boggling, the potential game changing.

 Huge, everybody from Pandora to IHEARTRadio are on high alert and I don’t see why it ight not wipe em both off the map. I don’t think Spotify will be much effected unless and until you can stream complete albums and then consider this: would you give up Spotify for ITunes? I think I’d keep both but I’m not certain that Spotify might become the redundancy.

The question is, is their room in the marketplace for IRadio and anybody else?

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