ITunes Radio VS Pandora Radio… Ya Just Can't Win

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you’re the only genius

Internet radio is a glorious thing. Garbage in Garbage out is the old saying for when your computer hoses up. So is  it with the ‘genius’ functions of Pandora and ITunes.

Let’s start out by saying I am discussing the free version of both.  I pay for Spotify-that is all.  These three services fulfill my need for ‘mindless back ground music’   I can really only compare Pandora and ITunes since I shell out the coin for Spotify.

I will start by saying Spotify Radio sucks.  More repetition than FM radio and some of the shittiest tunes of all on constant repeat!  You can make a boatload of stations and there is no doubt the cross over will kill you.  No ads, nothing extreme it’s like a bland slab of bread.  It’ll do the job if your starving but otherwise it’s a chore.  Spotify is prime for when you know exactly who and what you want to hear, but forget it there is no genius there—only you. 

Pandora and ITunes are strictly radio and their free versions both carry some heavy advertising.  Pandora’s ads are so loud that you can literally be startled.  ITunes radio isn’t so bad but its bland and monotone and they’re wanting you to buy the tune.  The problem is there is so much repetition on ITunes radio I can’t understand why would purchase unless you were trying to save on data usage. 

Visually on Pandora is a big fat ad, but they do offer album cover photo’s and sketchy bios.  The free with iOs7 ITunes is a white bore and you’d think they’d have a heck of a lot more considering they’re the prime music retailer. 

ITunes radio reminds me a lot of early MTv.  Too much repetition but still so interesting and novel that you hang out longer than you should.  I presume this will get better.  It’s the baby version of course but the ‘discovery’ vs. the ‘variety’ feature made me feel like I was being punked when it played pretty much the same stuff.  Maybe I was discovering variety? 

I like Pandora better at this point.  It digs a bit deeper (who else would play Elvis Costello and The Clash on The Specials radio station?!) and despite the horribly  loud ad’s I’m pleased with its performance.  I do find it funny that if you ‘thumbs down’ a tune it will still come in to rotation again.  Like a giant ‘fuck you’ from the band themselves.  XM and Sirus the satellite radio companies have had the same repetition problems. I simply cannot understand why I would hear the same song in a week let alone a day but I do- every day. 


So less than a week in to ITunes Radio here is my radio ranking





Subject to change without notice (c’mon iTunes live up to your name)

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