Jack White: Saving The World One Temple At A Time

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Jack White is just too cool for words.  He’s that creepy guy who really doesn’t do anything wrong but the one you wouldn’t want to sit down at your lunch table.  His opinions are large but unlike a snarky bastard like Morrissey it comes across as almost spooky.  The guy simply aint right in the head.  This could be a side effect of genius.  Say what you will about Jack the dude there is no disputing his talent is immense.  Im a fan but hes sorta gross- especially now.  He has aged into the Edward Scissorhands with hands pasty freak face all to well but.. Blunderbuss kicked ASS.  So as long as he keeps producing awesome tunes– who cares?

But wait, he’s sort of a good guy.  He has been revealed as anonymous donor who recently paid the entire $142,000 balance in taxes to prevent Detroit’s Masonic Temple from falling into foreclosure.  Say what?  First off who revealed him? That wasnt very nice.

White, a Detroit native must be taking care of his own.  Sorta heartwarming if you ask me

“Jack’s donation could not have come at a better time and we are eternally grateful to him for it,” said Detroit Masonic Temple Association President Roger Sobran. “Jack’s magnanimous generosity and unflinching loyalty to this historic building and his Detroit roots is appreciated beyond words.”

“In light of Jack’s generosity and belief in the importance of a strong, vital Temple that should and will be available to future generations of Detroiters, the Masonic Temple Association will be naming, in Jack’s honor, our Cathedral Theater, the Jack White Theater’,” added Sobran. “We could not be more humbled to bestow this honor on Jack.”

The Jack White Theater is a 27,878-square-foot venue with a seating capacity of 1,586. Maybe he’s not so creepy after all.


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