Jam Today: Friday, July 14th, 2017

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Meet The New Column, Same As The Old Column: After writing a quasi-political column called “These Days” since January, I killed it off last week and here is the replacement, essentially the same thing only far more occasional and with less sports and politics. The title is the name of a radical lesbian punk band of the late 1970s who would only play for other women. They identified as misandrists, I guess.

New Music: SInglewise, the new Arcade Fire single “Electric Blue”, their fourth, finds em struggling to maintain the level of the first two singles off the upcoming newbie (Grade: B), the new Selena Gomez featuring Gucci Mane, “Fetish” is a typical pop ballad plus trap plus a great hook, sounds like a flute (Grade: B). Much better is Black Kids eagerly anticipated return, you remember the “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You”. Well, they have two new songs one of which, “Obligatory Drugs” is killer (Grade: B+). Best of all, perhaps all Lana Del Rey can do is sound fucked up, but she sounds fucked up better than ANYONE with A$AP Rocky on “Groupie Love” (Grade: A-). Both of the new Kid Rock songs are pretty good Southern Boogie Grade: B.  New albums. The new Waxahatchee is great, (Grade: B+), the other two I’ve heard, French Montana and Silverstein aren’t great.

Old Music: I have written my first Frank SInatra review, taking him from his first song recordings in 1939 through the footsteps to his first album, The Voice Of. This one I wrote alone though the review of his entire catalog will be a collaborative effort between myself and Ken Shane of Popdose, it will be up after Ken has finished vetting it. Meanwhile, I haven’t decided whether to continue with Presley through his life after death albums. I am pretty sure Curtis Mayfield will follow Prince. After that… James Brown? I might also start working on musicians with less extensive catalogs.

Concerts: Suffering through a killer cold all week, I blew off John Mellencamp on Wednesday and blowing off Beth Ditto today, so made up for it a little with My Morning Jacket Saturday night at Forest Hills. I’ve seen MMJ twice before, once a killer gig New Year’s Eve 2008, and once a good first half hour and then a bore at Governors Ball a coupla years ago. I haven’t like their recorded work in about  decade: given James’ voice and love of Mayfield, I hoped they’d have been to 70s funk what the Allman Brothers were to Southern Soul. It hasn’t happened. So why go? Boredom… and it is nearby.

Comedy Tonight: For some reason better known to me, I have been watching old Eric Sykes TV shows on Youtube. Eric started on radio and moved on to writing his own show, one of the greatest of all time. Who is he, you ask, a very warm and funny every man who CO-WROTE THE GOONS SHOW!




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