Jam Today: Friday, November 10th, 2017

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Sex And Violence In High Society: There are two battles of the sexes going on right now, one women are winning and the other women have lost. The one they lost features President Trump who is the poster boy for sexual misbehavior when President Clinton isn’t. Both men are exactly what the sexual status quo has been for the famous and the powerful, women as codified commodities. The one they are winning is a mix of slow train coming retribution for bad to terrible actions and, perhaps more important, social stigma and career trauma for the perpetrators.

Fiction: I am about to start work on a new story called “God And Man At Madison Square garden,” really just dotting a coupla mental i’s and, in a huge bout of indecision, wondering to write it in the third or in the first person. It is about a guy who takes a first date to see Billy Joel.

New Music: Right now, I am not getting past Taylor Swift and Kevin Jenkins. Future has had a busy Friday, appearing on a Taylor and a Ty Dolla $ign single. I was gonna rush a Taylor review but now I think I’ll listen a little more since all the big boys have already covered it.

Old Music: With Sir Paul, I’ve reached Flaming Pie – an album I thought was substantial better than it has proven to be. Here’s Little Richard is a towering achievement and may be headed to one of the best albums of all time. “Tutti Frutti” was an ode to gays ex? “Tutti Frutti, good booty, if it don’t fit, don’t force it, you can grease it, make it easy.” Word.

Lebanon: The world just can’t leave Lebanon alone , can it? Trump gives Saudi the thumbs up to fight Iran by proxy in the Lebanon, 25 years or so after the official end of the civil war that chased me, among many, from his homeland, cost every penny my family owned, and changed nothing really. The war was a complete waste for all concerned. If Iran and Saudi want to fight each other, why don’t they do so in their own countries and leave us out of it? Lebanon is the only country I ever loved (New York is a city…)?

Concerts: A great seat for Ringo Starr on Wednesday is the highlight before I have a brief break in Florida, before returning for Bob Dylan, Jay Z and Liam Gallagher.

Weather: New York will be an ice cube for the entire weekend.



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