Jam Today: Friday, November 24th, 2017

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New Music Friday: There is no new music Friday today because everybody is enjoying the holidays. SO this means that in the Apple Music center nobody is willing to forego fighting with their family to help a poor writer review. This is what I hate most about National Holidays, they get in the way of new music. Though I did discover a new Louis Armstrong album The Nightclubs.  “This recording contains selections from five different nightclub engagements—Bop City in New York in 1950, Club Hangover in San Francisco in 1952, Storyville in Boston in 1953, Basin Street in New York in 1955 and the Brant Inn in Ontario in 1958— featuring five different iterations of Armstrong’s All Stars, featuring top sidemen such as Jack Teagarden, Barney Bigard, Earl “Fatha” Hines, Arvell Shaw, Cozy Cole, Marty Napoleon, Milt Hinton, Barrett Deems, Edmond Hall and more. The exciting nightclub performances on this collection are not only being released for the first time, but every track is taken from the Research Collections of the Louis Armstrong House Museum, with the majority emanating from Armstrong’s personal reel-to- reel tape collection.” So this follows up from his 40s Big Band era when he was performing in Symphony Halls and perfecting jazz’s growth from ill reputable race music to great art  -a time I consider his finest, though really, his second finest and third finest are equally great. I even love the late 60s Armstrong as popmaster. Grade: A (just wish there was more than an hour) Where was I: yeah, I think it is an indictment of the American can do spirit that I don’t have new music.

Old Music: Coming up. McCartney’s second classical album Standing Stone, Frank Sinatra’s Dedicated To You from 1950, he would release one more album on Columbia in 1950 and then it would be four years till his next. Finally, a budget release from Elvis Presley. For Presley, that would be followed by Moody Blue and then I am off to Curtis Mayfield.

Concerts: Bob Dylan tonight, Jay Z on Sunday, Liam Gallagher on Monday though I am seriously considering passing on Liam -one, because I’ll be tired, 2) because it is at Terminal 5, and three because I am seeing my nephew for dinner.

Sports: Yesterday at dinner we were discussing whether if the Giants swept the rest of the games this year they could make the playoffs and concluded that they could. Then they lost one and that daydream came to a complete conclusion.

Books: I am reading William F. Buckley’s “Man And God At Yale,” and have the Dylan speech on literature and a book of McCartney’s poems (I want to read his “Standing Stone” poem before I write my review), waiting patiently.

Death: The great power popper Tommy Keene is dead at 59 years of age, the great power popper who deserved many moire accolades than he ever received. A big loss.


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