Jam Today: Friday, September 15th, 2017

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Death: There were three big local losses this week,  Holger Czukay of Can,  Those Darlins’ Jessi Zazu, and Grant Hart formerly Of Hüsker Dü . While Czukay was the great innovator, and Hart an original 80s LA hardcore manifestation, Jessi Zazu reinvented indie rock in Austin. I saw Jessi  once and though she was terrific (here) and wrote back in 2014 “The sun was soft and warm and the sky a cloudless early summer miracle, the East River was before you and Those Darlins between you and the river. It was a New York moment imitating a Long Island moment imitating a Nashville Skyline, a place where the urban world of loud brash high octane life was replaced for half an hour with Tennessee rock and roll of loud brash high octane life. She was 28 and, like Hart, a form of cancer caught her.

Sports: The Yanks shellacked the Birds, a goodie because the Birds are right behind them in the division, the Sawks won as well so the Yanks remain three behind for the division title and time running out. Odell out 6-8 weeks? That should put on end to New York football for 2017-2018.

Apocalypse Now: My own feeling is, if  Kim Jong-un hasn’t learnt from Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi he doesn’t deserve to be world leader. He has every right to a nuclear weapon and the US needs to bite the bullet and do what they need to protect themselves and their allies.

New Music: The Sia song “Rainbow” is terrific, the new Cat Stevens old school,Bjork is in love, and it isn’t the Foo Fighters worse album ever.

Old Music: I’m not intentionally holding back on reviewing Prince’s final album, it is just happening that way. A sneak peek? Grade: B

Concerts: And I am not intentionally holding back on the Arcade Fire live review as I figure out how to justify my second best rock and roll band right this second comment. I plan to write it today. McCartney tonight, Gorillaz tomorrow. Next week: Alison Krauss, Bruno Mars, and Gorillaz.

POTUS: Nothing will make the POTUS haters (I include myself in their numbers) happy, but he has reached across the aisle twice. Once to get Hurricane relief (and the debt ceiling) approved and once to save the Dreamers. Maybe he is growing into the job.



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