Jam Today: Monday, August 21st, 2017

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Summer’s Almost Gone: It isn’t really, a coupla weeks right? School on the East Coast kicks in September 7th, and what is the point of post dating ourselves. Yet this strange, epic, depressing summer, feels like it is over, like it never started. The hell of age is summer, which feels like a series of memories from our deep past that fails to click into our now. Summer that seemed never to end, endless summer days and summer nights, in wide terrains of timelessness. Somewhere between “All Summer Long” and “Summer’s Almost Gone” are places and times still here and just like that.  The past is another country, yesterday is another country. There is something so sad about the end of summer, like the end of life, where the world puts you in a cardboard box and moves on and everything that meant so much to you means nothing at all.

Death: Bruce Forsyth, the great TV entertainer who never much caught on here, dead at 89. Nice to see him, To see him? Nice. France’s, and the world’s, favorite movie comedian and philanthropist Jerry Lewis dead at 91.

EXPOTUS: The Bush’s and Obama, Carter, and the ghost of Reagan, all owe a huge debt to Trump. From now on till the end of time, any complaint about their Presidency will have to be asterisked with “but they weren’t the Donald so there is that”. POTUS is the sort of man who will mention he owns a vineyard in Charlottesville in the middle of a speech attempting to unify the country after racial violence.

Bannon: When Breibart tweeted #war last week, we all assumed he meant war against WH, they actually meant war against the WH’s enemies.

Short Stories: My “Swimming Pools” came across like a lead balloon last week, and while I myself wasn’t crazy about it, I did like the ending.

New Music: Brand New’s Science Fiction holds sway right now, everything else is a little in the way: a deeply depressing and blue post-emo set that is instantly among the best albums of the year. Grade: A-

Old Music: Presley? I’m up to Promised , Prince: I haven’t decided whether to do Hit N Run as one or two reviews, and finally McCartney goes opera. Let the games begin.

Theatre: I didn’t get a pre-qualified fan link for the Hamilton presale which hits me as completely ridiculous, if, in fact, they are really pre-qualifying I certainly should have.

Concerts: Tomorrow Solange, Thursday the reggaeton big bash at MSG, Friday Lil Yachty if the bad taste left from Gucci Mane doesn’t stop, and Saturday, Deep Purple and Alice Cooper at Jones Beach. Lady Gaga  week today.

Sports: Yanks went 1 -3 against the Red Sox and kissed goodbye any chances of winning the division, but the wild card? That they should take.




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