Jam Today: Monday, August 28th, 2017

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Boxing: News that Floyd Mayweather tried to place a bet of $400,000 to win in the 9.5 round, should come as no surprise to anybody who watched the match. Floyd won in the 10th, in other words you can bet that wasn’t gambling that was planning ahead. This was a billion dollar boondoggle, Mayweather THREW a total of four punches in the first round: McGregor hit him and hit but didn’t make the slightest impression. Reading the boxing beat writers afterwards I was completely baffled that everybody, the New York Times on down, failed to notice what was obvious from the get go: it wasn’t real. I was thinking of betting on Floyd but the odds were so lousy I didn’t bother. As for the boxing commission’s sense of decency in approving this pathetic mismatch? It now has as much credibility as POTUS. All for a lousy billion.

Taylor Swift: Breaking records with the new single, 500M streams, most sales since “Hello,” 8M streams of the lyric video. Imagine what would have happened if it had been a great song. Two problems remain: 1- That November 10th album release, if she didn’t know it was the anniversary of west’s mom death day she does now and you should move it and 2- I hate the KKK as much as the next guy but still if Tay Tay is down with them, it’s just a coupla hoods and cross burnings, it’s like the boy scouts jamboree.

More Taylor Swift: By the way, the faint but familiar whiff of sexism is permeating the conversation.

VMAs: Just what the world needs, a woke VMA. Or a slept one, I missed the lot but will double track to catch Ed Sheeran and Lil Uzi Vert and rod Stewart and DNCE at a later date.

Houston: All you can do is top your hat to Mother Nature and start to rebuild.

Sports: A nice weekend and if the Yanks can end this week 3 – 3 consider it a win against the Red Sox and Cleveland. It should at least assign them the wild card, and if they can get 2 out of 3 against the Sox visions of divisions will play in my head. The Yanks are 2.5 out of first so this will tell a tale for sure.

New Music: The new Frank Ocean single, “Provider,” is excellent. It sounds of a piece with Blonde, and not with his recent Beats 1 releases. Grade: B+


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