Jam Today: Monday, December 11th, 2017

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Sports: Giancarlo Stanton: Why did the Yanks lose pitcher Shohei Ohtani? Because he is a pitcher who can hit for power and belongs in the National League. Why did the Yanks get to add the best hitter in the Majors, Giancarlo Stanton, who will make for a murderer’s row of two next to Aaron Judge next season. Well, not because Derek Jeter gives a damn but because Stanton has the right to veto and will make a fortune in advertising playing for the biggest franchises in the world not called “United”.

More Sports: Speaking of bragging rights, Manchester City just beat Manchester United 2 -1 at Old Trafford and command bragging rights in a clear sign that a nuclear winter is coming.

More More Sports: The Jets lost (shut out by a lousy team), the Giants lost (welcome back Eli), the Knicks lost, and the Rangers… won.

Concerts: This week, it is all about the FUV Christmas show with Aimee Mann and Randy Newman, followed the next day by Marla Mase’s solo gig.

New Music: The new Big Sean and Metro Boomin mixtape is first rate, maybe the best album of the week. The trick is the mix between soul and beats, with a great rapper added in.

Old Music: This week I will get to Frank Sinatra’s sixth album, which I can not find anywhere so I have to review song by song on Youtube while keeping an eye on the dates, then the final Presley album and the birth of the Impressions.

The Nuclear Holocaust: I cannot believe the US and the world are sleep walking their way into the end of times. Never put your enemy in a corner where they have no option but to fight, give them an escape door. This is the worst of time since the Cuban Missile Crisis except for a couple of things

1 – This isn’t a crises, it is the norm.

2 – Trump is no Kennedy and Kim Jong-Un is no Khrushchev.

There is a lesson to be learnt from history and that is people will risk their lives for their country but not their afterlife. If the people of North Korea and Iran are willing to die for NO REASON AT ALL, how does mutually assured destruction help us? Trump is so terrible he has managed to unite the people of two totalitarian countries.

There is nothing more important, except to a degree the Nazi’s final solution. This is much worse. It makes WW1 look like a party, Stalin look like Santa Claus, it is a major major disaster in the waiting and I have no idea how we stop it.


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