Jam Today: Monday, January 22nd, 2018

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do you know your enemy?


Sports: The Vikings, who I really wanted to win for business reasons, got themselves blown out. That’s upsetting but the Pats number on the Jaxs was devastating. Jacksonville dominated for three full quarters and then two fouls chewed up 47 yards and that was that. One real foul, one invisible foul… anybody would thinks the refs were tanking and either way the Pats are back in the Superbowl… Let’s go Philadelphia.

New Music: Three terrific albums this week, Fetty Wap, Fall Out Boy, and Bahamas. Fetty goes pure pop, FOB throw in the kitchen sink, and Bahamas write a couple of the best songs of the year.

Old Music: Cusping on the biggest album of their career, Keep On Pushing With The Impressions,  Paul McCartney gives us an art school project, and Frank Sinatra’s second album of the Nelson Riddle-Capitol Records era.

Movies: “Paddington 2” made marmalade sandwiches addictive on this better that the first sequel with Paddington bringing a prison to heel with his abiding kindness. Sally Hawkins is adorable.

Theatre: Steve Martin’s “Meteor Shower,” which amounts to a 80 minute sketch comedy,  has moments that are very funny, and it is wonderful to see Amy Schumer not play Amy Schumer, but it isn’t enough to sustain a Broadway play. Grade: B-

Concerts: I can’t read the “Ally Coalition” at all, having said that, Lorde and The National and lotsa drama drama for a good cause so … I bought a ticket for Zac Brown at Citi Field -don’t say a word a) I bought a nosebleed and b) you don’t know till you see for yourself.

The Government: David Byrne, ever the optimist, told us not to worry about the government. Since they have stopped, I guess there is nothing much to worry about. By the way, the Dems are 100% right to force the GOP to save DACA.

The Winter Olympics: North and South Korea together again. The message here is, NK have nuclear power and if the US don’t like it, they will be alone in not liking it.

Books: The problem with David Wolff’s “The Fire And The Fury” is that it is instantly dated.

Television: What golden age? Syfy ruined Lew Grossman’s brilliant Potter as a 20 something “The Magicians,” (Grade: C+), Amazon ruined Philip K. Dick’s short stories (Grade: C+), “Black Mirror” is the most overrated program… just about ever (Grade: C), the Peter Capaldi “Dr. Who” era was awful (Grade: C+), Matt Smith was vastly superior, though the female Who is coming this winter so we can but hope. Oh, and that Star Trek reboot? Ugh (Grade: C).

Death: The Cranberries Dolores O’Riordan? Who knew she was so popular?

On A Personal Note: You’ll be relieved to know I found a new laudy service.





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