Jam Today: Monday, July 11th, 2018

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G7: I keep wondering if Trump is right about an unfair trading with the USA’s biggest friends, and I believe he is wrong but I don’t understand it all well enough to make a really knowledgeable. For sure, he has left the automobile industry reeling by adding tariffs to steel. ““Very dishonest & weak,” Mr. Trump wrote in a tweet aboard Air Force One. “Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!” But on average, American tariffs are on par with those of other rich, developed countries, which tend to be low, according to the World Bank and the United Nations.” The reality is, the US decided taxes and now the US wants to bail. Just what we need, a trade war.

Western Allies: Trump seems hell bent in ending the USA’s greatest  friendships Post-WW II in order to get in bed with Russia…

NK: If Trump can get out of Singapore with some form of treaty with North Korea Tuesday in Singapore, it will make up for this worlds of chaos we live in.

The Tonys: Harry Potter And The Cursed Child won the best new play and “One On This Island” won best musical revival, beating out “My Fair Lady” (hurt with a miscast Eliza) and “Carousel” (a just about perfect revival). My one big disagreement was Anthony Boyle not winning best supporting actor award for his superb turn as Scorpius Malfoy.

More Tonys: If your idea of fun is Bruce Springsteen reading from teleprompters, over acting, and in general acting like an overrated egocentric dick, is your idea of fun, you are far from alone (my review), though I did give it a B+.

New Music: The top of my pops is the three new Yeezus albums, Ye, Kids See Ghosts and Pusha T’s Daytona. I made a playlist and it stands up better together than apart -the simple level of song construction is sky high, alone the Kanye’s are A- and Pusha is B+, together it is all an A… Nas is on the way this week…

Old Music: The Impressions is awaiting the return of Tomas from Finland, the Macca is a classical one that I don’t have a handle on yet and Frank is deep state at this moment.

Sports: Congrats to the Mets for winning one off the Yanks and not getting swept.

New York: I go from being bothered by homelessness to being sick of it… and worrying that one day I’ll join em.

Suicide: Sometimes I quite understand why somebody might kill themselves, but what I don’t understand is why Anthony Bourdain would put his eleven year old daughter through the life that she will now have. I have no problem with people killing themselves, and if I chose to it would be my business since I have no children but if I had a young child I would never do it.

Concerts: That Dwight Yoakam on Wednesday is a big one. And the 34th Annual Salsa Concert at Barclays last Saturday? I left after ten acts and two hours but chose not to review because I missed out on the biggest acts. What became clear is that young Latinos do not play salsa anymore. I loved it anyway: Grade: B+


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