Jam Today: Monday, July 23rd, 2018

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Theatre: It is over now, Carey Mulligan’s one woman monologue cum superstar turn at the Minetta Lane Theatre was a strictly limited 5 week run and I only decided to see it at all during my Dr. Who bingeing brought me to “Don’t Blink” -Carey as a 22 year old woman faced with crying ages who turn to stone when you look at em and move when you turn around. It reminded me how much I had enjoyed “An Education”. At the theatre she gave a bravado performance in Dennis Kelly’s “Girls And Boys” about Aeschylus old adage how society wasn’t in place to help men but to protect people from men. Carey plays “Woman” (aka an archetype) whose success in business leads to familial problems and then tragedy. You can’t see it anymore, it closed yesterday but you can hear it here. (Grade: A). Amazingly, Carey turned down the opportunity to be the Doctor’s companion, and that is a huge loss.

Movies: I truly loathed the soundtrack to “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” the movie was very sweet as deep ABBA tracks rubbed shoulders with Lily James in the prequel portion telling us how she came to make love with three men within three days in 1979. Meryl Streep, who is Lily as an adult, is dead a year as the story opens. Why did they kill her off? Cmon, Meryl why wouldn’t you work on sequel portion of the jukebox portion. Anyway, it is much better, even Cher, when you get to watch it. Highlight is “Waterloo” in a French restaurant. (Grade: B+)

Television: I have been binge watching the 21st century reboot of Dr. Who… and I will say this: Matt Smith remains the best the Doctor because David Tennant’s five seasons was one season too long. Next season we get the first female doctor!!!

Concerts: Panorama Fest arrives on Friday, a pretty good line up of headliners including Janet Jackson, Migos, Dua Lipa, Gucci Mane, and many more. However, it is meant to rain for all three days. Speaking of rain, Taylor Swift spent the weekend performing in the pouring rain.

New Music: The new Popcaan album is very good (Grade: B+), the PiL anthology is great (Grade: A), The Internet newbie is better, maybe much better, than I thought it would be (Grade: A-).

Old Music: I’ve had my The Fabulous Impressions  review with Tomas Doncker written in my head for an entire week and haven’t managed to fit it anywhere but I am honor bound to this week.

POTUS: what to do when you’re caught playing footsie with Russia? Start a war with Iran… but not the third world war as neither NATO nor EU will follow you anywhere at all

Sports: Yanks vs Mets rubber game was postponed… Otherwise, I don’t see the Yanks besting the Red Sox in the playoffs unless they bolster their rotation and fast.



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