Jam Today: Monday, July 31st, 2017

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New Music The three bonus tracks off 4:44 are uniformly excellent, “Adnis,” “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family” and “MaNyfaCedGod,” all excellent,  all written with the great James Blake, and the Blue Ivy song proved that the five year old can actually rap. I still am far from sold on the new woke Jay-Z, but if he must wake up, wake up with James Blake sitting next to you. “MaNyfaCedGod,” is the second best song on the album and added to the original release makes 4:44 much, much better. Grade: B+.

Old Music: Coming up,  the 23 songs on Prince’s  Hit N Run Phase One And Two are better than I remembered, the spoken word Elvis is hysterically bad, and the McCartney Off The Ground I haven’t listened to thoroughly enough at this time.

POTUS: The incredible imploding Presidency, Trump must be wondering what he got himself into right now. For a man as purely narcissistic and paranoid as Donald, Young Thug’s “Fuck Donald Trump” should prove a warning: “Just when I thought it wouldn’t get no sicker, woke up one morning and heard this weird ass mothafucka talkin’ out the side of his neck. Me and all my peoples, we always thought he was straight. Influential mothafucka when it came to the business. But now, since we know how you really feel, this how we feel…” Yup, Trump lost the one thing he wants, universal admiration. I thought nothing could get the Dems and the GOP united, but Trump is in the process of doing so as they try to stop him from exerting power.

Sports: The Yanks are 0.5 games in first, we’d like to thank the little people.

Concerts: Today Conor, tomorrow Blondie and Garbage, both of which I am considering blowing off, Friday Andre Cymone at Bowery Electric and Friday Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock at Radio City.

Seasons: Two thirds of the way through summer, and it is a bit of a bore.


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