Jam Today: Monday May 14th, 2018

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POTUS: Perhaps the way way to deal with a bully is to be a bully. It would seem that money and negotiations don’t work as well as threats of nuclear annihilation. The two biggest problems facing the US that aren’t with superpowers who can be trusted to play the game, is with North Korea and Iran. Iraq gave up three hostages and are set for a nuclear summit with Trump himself, and Iran are staying in the deal with Europe that Trump pulled out -thus giving the US the best of both worlds. A huge personal  triumph for his foreign policy.

Concerts: Should be an interesting week, Florence +The Machine tonight… I’ve been eyeballing but I think imma pass, but Liam Gallagher on Wednesday, Jackson Browne on Friday and The Misfits on Wednesday should make for an interesting week of white boys…

Oldies: I am knee deep in one of the Impressions greatest albums, Ridin’ High, which sounds like the breakthrough Curtis Mayfield had been working towards. A strange one, private release,, Greatest Hits from McCartney, and the first Frank Sinatra not arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle… perhaps Frank was as cold to A Swingin’ Affair as I was.

New: Leon Bridges joins Janelle Monae on repeat when necessary, Post Malone remains a fave though I’ve grown a little cold to Cardi B’s current album.

Weather: Spring still hasn’t sprung, my only hope is that when it does it truly does just in time for Governors Ball…

Sports: This isn’t my Yankees, my Yankees live in an airless past from 1996 – 2001 when they lost to Arizona… but they are a youthful, fun team.

More About POTUS: This is a Discourses sort of concept, if your opponents have no idea what you are going to do, you are halfway to beating them. Trump is a complete bafflement though whether that is because he has no idea what he plans to do next or because he does is hard to figure out.


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