Jam Today: Monday, November 6th, 2017

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Theatre: The new season on Broadway looks like a great one. Start with “Harry Potter And The Cursed Child,” a play made to be immersed in, five hours of Potter Land, with the trio grown up, the children at the front, and the past a place where the future can be re-envisioned: it will be the hit of the year, and the first play to seriously take over as the hottest ticket on Broadway. It opens in April. Once you get past that, my scorecard includes “Frozen” in February, “Three Tall Women” (starring Glenda Jackson whom you may remember from “Women In Love” among many other movies -I saw her on the West End in “Stevie” back in the 1970s), “Angels In America,” “Mean Girls,” “Carousel,” “The Iceman Cometh,” and “My Fair Lady”.

Concerts: A quiet week with only Tegan And Sara at King’s Theatre is followed by Ringo Starr, King Crimson, Bob Dylan, Jay Z, Liam Gallagher and Angel Olsen, through the end of November. The Tegan And Sara is a real treat, however. I missed an album, The Con, I now consider one of the best of the 00s, and am excited to see it played live in full.

New Music: The Shamir album, Revelations, is very strong, listen for “90’s Kids,” and Willow and The Cornshed SIsters are both excellent. However, major disappointments from Sam Smith, Snoop Dogg, Maroon 5 and more.  Kelsea Ballerini isn’t bad but vastly overrated. Pre-sales for Tay Tay’s new album has reached 400K

Old Music: For Elvis, I am up to the 1976 The Sun Sessions album, a masterpiece of course though superseded A Boy From Tupelo this year, at the time we knew all these songs but we’d never heard them in such a powerful, relentless, compilation. Paul McCartney took a four year break from recording (1993-1998) and returned with Flaming Pie. And Sinatra’s third album was a Christmas album.

Saudi Arabia: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is arresting Princes of the realm in a mass sweep that has included members of the clergy. The 32 year old next in line is pulling against the Shia (aka Iran) on one hand and the harsh interpretation of the Sunni religion.

Asia: The problem with Trump is that no one trusts him in the slightest, so as he goes to Asia to rattle his sabers people countries are searching desperately for Plan B. When you hear stuff like American boots on the ground in North Korea to destroy the nukes, it sounds like the doomsday clock going tick tick tick. As I noted in my “The Exterminating Angel” review, what we see among people is a form of paralysis: an inability to secure our children’s future from a nuclear holocaust. I certainly hope I am overstating the case, I certainly hope I am overreacting.

Politics: If Trump was George Washington, he would have NEVER relinquished the Presidency and the world as we know it would not exist.

New York City: As we battle down the hatches for four more years of a Mayor who may well be more hated than Rudy Giuliani, who has singlehandedly turned NYC into skidrow, where the citizens pay the highest taxes in the land for an infrastructure falling apart, one question arises: why has Cuomo not annointed someone to beat Bill De Blasio.

Movies: Is the bar so low that the tedious Thor: Ragnarok is considered a paragon of wit. It made $121M over the weekend but it is a terrible piece of super baloney, if they don’t take it, why should we? Having said that, who the hell chiseled Chris Hemsworth?  He looks ridiculously strong.

Television: I don’t watch much TV and when I do, it tends to be on Hulu without commercials. “Kevin Probably Saves The World” and “The Good Place” are my two choices and neither are great. Kevin is on a mission from God and Kristen Bell is in hell. Kevin is about to get kicked out of his sister’s house and Michael has just been caught and faces annihilation. Kevin is performed by the late great sitcom superstar John Ritter’s son Jack Ritter -an actor with a great deal of his father’s charm, humor and good will, and as for Ted Danson as Michael, this is his greatest moment since “Cheers”.





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